Eva Des San Miguel

I am an artist based in Ipswich, Queensland. Even though I’ve done different kinds of art throughout my life, I became serious about painting when I started to teach myself to paint in oils while I was living in an old farmhouse in Bendigo, Victoria.

With daylight saving in Victoria came long afternoons and large rectangles of light slanting through the farmhouse windows. Sometimes the light shines on things in just the right way only for a moment, and that moment is only repeatable for only a day or two.

The philosopher Heraclitus said you can’t step in the same river twice. I think the same way about objects around the house and the light that captures them. It changes throughout the year, the seasons. I like the impermanence of those moments ostensibly made permanent in a painting and I find joy in discovering how to capture little domestic scenes in paint.

I like to use vibrant colours and retro objects I find in op shops. I think if I can recognise a moment of beauty when the afternoon sun is hitting a jar of biscuits just-so, and make that into a painting, and other people find joy in that, then I’mmaking a small and beautiful contribution to the world.

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