Min SungHong

The work of Min Sung -Hong is a meditation on the visible and the invisible, the placement and displacement of images. By investigating the material status of the image, he resists a contemporary tendency toward its dematerialization. Through uncanny combinations of materials, which often intermingle construction and deconstruction, Min addresses these
questions in media that range from ceramics to casts to photography

Overlap refers to an act of covering something partly by going over its edge; to cover part of the same space. This process, in its reflexivity and repetition, is one of the keys to understand the work of Min Sung-Hong. In Overlapped Sensibility; Turntable` for example, Min mounts ceramic bird heads on a carousel and as it turns around in a room with mirrors placed on walls . The turning images and the refelction of the images on carousel results mise-en-abyme.(infinite reproduction of one´s image) overlapping of one´s own images by rotating and repetition.

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