About us

New gallery will open in the Douglas Street Design Centre, Milton, Brisbane in April 2024

Hyun Mi Lee started her first gallery in Sydney , 2005 with the intention of providing cultural dialogue between Australia and the rest of the world. In 2009, Hyun Mi expanded her gallery to Kehl, Germany (Strasbourg, France) where she worked as a curator and a gallery director for the last 14 years.
Hyun Mi is back in Australia and settled in Brisbane. Her passion about Art and its significance in our daily life incited to establish Cascade Art Concept. ( Former Cascade Art Space)

The gallery is situated in the Douglas Street Design Centre, Milton, Brisbane and offers a unique and inspiring experience of contemporary art from Australia, Asia and Europe.

Hyun Mi Lee
provide services :

Presentation of artists and art works in diverse situations such as art fairs, exhibitions

Promotion of artists and artworks through press release, promotional materials and social networks

Art Consultation services benefit both personal or corporate client
For corporate, through carefully curated selection of artworks to emphasize their culture and values of the businesses
and for personal client offers a unique and tailored service to reflect the style and tastes of individual house or apartment

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