Meditative Landscape

Meditative Landscape is evolving theme of Du Rhone´s artworks. The artist attempts to simplify the elements of landscape to reflect what she sees as the spiritual order underlying visual communication, creating a clear and universal aesthetic language within her paintings.
Confronted by the natural environment and perhaps with the eye of an outsider as an advantage, she gradually recognizes the wonderful uniqueness and beauty of her surroundings. The feeling of relaxation and communing with these surroundings led her to want to express the awakening in her art.
Zen Buddhism which focusses on individual enlightenment through daily experiences and meditation gradually influenced Du Rhone’s artmaking. She explores the actual physical and mental experiences of painting as her means of meditation. She attempts to represent the mystical emotion and harmony she feels from the surrounding landscape by applying repetitive hand-drawn vertical and horizontal colour-filled lines to pull the viewer into a meditative state of being. In the process of producing the artworks the artist is also in a constant state of meditation just as viewing the artworks can achieve a meditative state without meditation.

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